Slant / slănt

  • to veer or angle away from a given level or line, especially from horizontal 

    With creative thinking one is able to innovate and thrive in the industry in all the different areas. Therefore, we want to provide a daily training platform that works as a ramp to propel our users. Innovation is something that many organizations seem to be after.  We want to make design thinking accessible to teams and individuals.

  • a mental leaning, bias, or distortion 

    Distort our users' thinking patterns. By breaking their mental patterns and judgement, we invite creativity.

  • a glance or look 

    A 360º view in full immersive environments. We use Virtual Reality to provide the users with an enjoyable experience while training their mindset.

  • viewpoint, opinion, attitude 

    A platform to train minds, creating a change in the users' attitudes and behaviors. Opening minds to new things. Creating the perfect conditions for innovation to happen.